Who are we?

About us

Welcome to Bioshine, where cleanliness meets consciousness. Founded by Liliana, an Environmental Engineer with a passion for optimizing cleaning practices, our company emerged from a desire to address the unnecessary waste often associated with cleaning services.

Having experienced firsthand the disregard for resources in the industry, Liliana envisioned a service that not only delivers spotless results but also prioritizes environmental responsibility.

As experts in the field, we take pride in our commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Our tailored services are designed to elevate your space while being mindful of our environmental impact. Every cleaning project undertaken by our certified team reflects not only the highest standards of cleanliness but also a dedication to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our mission is clear: to provide impeccable cleaningfor both interiors and exteriors while minimizing water and product consumption.


At Bioshine, we go beyond mere cleanliness; we advocate for a conscious approach to cleaning that resonates with our clients. Join us in the journey towards a pristine, environmentally friendly living and working space.

Why Choose us?

  • Expertise in both interior and exterior cleaning.

  • Environmental consciousness embedded in our cleaning practices.
  • Impeccable results with minimized water and product usage.

For a personalized quote and to experience the difference, request your quote today. Thank you for considering Biorecollet – where cleanliness is redefined with a green touch.

We aim to keep your space shining bright for a lifetime

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